Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Skirt of dreams

Considering we are almost in the festive season, I find that all I want to purchase and wear is anything with glitter, sequins or feathers on it!
I desperately need this skirt from Topshop, it's amazing and the colour is beaut! It would set me back £80, but I'm hoping Santa will be kind...... X (Excuse the info about my network and battery consumption at the top..)

Topman Launch

I went to London last week for the launch of new Danish brand Anerkjendt. It was held at General Store (Topman) on Shoreditch High Street. The night also launched Janes Long knitwear in the store.
There was lots of free beer and we ended up in a local pub in Hackney where they were playing lots of good hip hop!
I wore a Topshop boutique coat, Office boots and a Zara shirt. X